There are many ways to help your community by volunteering. From station adoption to one off volunteering events read on to find out more.

Adopting a Station

‘Station Adoption’ is one way of getting involved with your local station and making a positive impact on your local community. South Western Railway work with volunteers to develop their plan for the station and provide training but volunteers can be led by their passions. The Purbeck CRP offers support for Station Adoption but station groups are independent and can initiate their own projects.

Two of Purbeck CRP mainline stations host station adoption groups: Friends of Wareham Railway Station and Friends of Wool Station. Both welcome new volunteers and contact details can be found here. The Friends of Wareham Railway Station and The Friends of Wool Station welcome new volunteers and drive a variety of projects at the station including planting, weeding, litter picks, printed guides and leaflets for the areas and even cycle route signage. Working to provide information for tourists and locals alike, the volunteers aim to make their station the heart of the local area and a focal point for visitors.

The Purbeck CRP would also love to work with residents to help set up station adoption groups at Holton Heath, Moreton or Dorchester South. Whatever your passion – gardening, artwork or even history Station Adoption is a great way to follow your passion and show your enthusiasm for rail travel and the local community.

For more information on South Western Railway’s Station Adoption scheme click on the button below. 

purbeck community rail partnership community and volunteers 1440x1024px
Friends of Wareham Railway Station meet regularly to garden and litter pick.
friends of wareham station new tourist map 01 1440x1024px
friends of wareham station new tourist map 1440x1024px
friends of wareham station new tourist map 05 1440x1024px

Friends of Wareham Railway Station meet regularly to garden and litter pick.

purbeck community rail partnership planters wool station
Friends of Wool Station create and maintain planters at Wool Station.
purbeck community rail partnership wool information leaflet
Friends of Wool Station information leaflet.
purbeck community rail partnership cycle sign
Friends of Wool Station sought funding for cycle route signs at the station. Photo by Tony Smale.

Community Events

From time to time the Purbeck CRP organises community events based around rail travel. A recent example is the 175th anniversary celebrations of the Southampton to Dorchester Railway in June 2022 and we are always on the lookout for help and support with these projects, either on the day or in advance in the planning and set up phase.

How to Help

If you are interested in any aspect of volunteering for any of the Purbeck CRP’s projects or you would like to find out more about existing or potential station adoption groups then please contact: Steven Booth Purbeck Community Rail Officer

Lisa Gravett (Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Officer)
Paula Aldridge Community Rail Manager for South Western Railway
Beryl Ezzard, Friends of Wareham Railway Station
Tony Smale, Friends of Wool Station